Khabarovsk People, not the Far East. Expo at Hermitage

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«Interesting people — Khabarovsk dwellers» — an example of a successfully implemented cross-border project. It is a media product presented in the format of a documentary film and a multimedia photo exhibition about masters of their craft, people of different professions and hobbies, united by love for their native land. Under the leadership of Ashot Dzhazoyan, an international team worked on the project, which included both professional filmmakers and photographers and young journalists — students of the Pacific State University. Scroll through the carousel to see works of photographers Michele Cirillo (Italy) , Pedro Quiros (Spain) @lost_in_moscow and Frank Herfort (Germany) @frank_herfort and find out what impression the Khabarovsk region made on them  #dialogueofcultures2020 #dialogue_project

Project, curated by a well-known journalist and film-director Ashot Dzhazoyan, consists of the documentary film and photo-series made by the foreign photographers, both parts are dedicated to the citizens of Khabarovsk, people of different creative and technical professions with diverse interests and persinal stories. They are united by the city and their desire to improve together with it. Photos from the set will tell how the work on the cross-border project was carried out.

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